Aventures d’un village At the start

Aventures d’un village At the start of this story, there is a village with a train track in the middle. It is the start of an adventure where the reader is the only one who can determine what will happen. If he chooses to fold to the left, the village will change into a city. If he chooses to fold to the right, the village will be surrounded by a lake and pine trees. Little by little, monsters appear… flying saucers, a huge wave… The village is under the threat of destruction. Luckily, at each fold the village finds the way to escape. The central image changes according to the way the heart of the book is folded, to tell different stories. 8 narrative threads are proposed by different ways of folding, which not only gives you a variety of fun but most of all, shows in a playful manner that there is not always a beginning and an end, but several adventures possible !

About the author Julie Stephen Chheng graduated from the Paris Arts Decoratifs School in the “Printed Image” section. She did silkscreen printing, illustration, graphic design and editorial work. When she is not creating her own illustrations, she writes stories for playful books. Passionately involved with books, she is interested in its evolution as well as to test new tools with which stories can be told in a new way ! From her dissertation “Interactivity and Movement, from the paper to the digital book”, she found that the ever-changing book always has wonderful things to offer.

Her books can be manipulated in all kinds of ways, they lift up to show images in 3 dimensions, their images have movement on the principle of the “fold”. Her work provides a testing ground where interactivity with the reader is the most important point. Moreover, since she is a great admirer of “paper” and surrounded by a film editor mother, an animation artist brother and his architect twin brother, her books belong to a universe where space and movement of images are constantly inter-related.

One can expect more works from her in a mixture of different formats: digital or tactile, but always with the purpose of stimulating more and more the imagination of the readers !